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woman deep in reflectionIf you’re reading or have finished reading my book Mr Unavailable and the Fallback Girl and are pondering what your values are, the things that you believe you fundamentally need in order to live your life happily and authentically, I’ve put together a mini toolkit to get you thinking about what makes you tick and help you prioritise – a What Are My Values? Worksheet.

It’s very easy to get distracted by other people’s values, as you’ve discovered already after being in an unavailable relationship, and it’s also all too easy to get distracted by secondary values, including hobbies, interests, some personality traits, and other superficial qualities and characteristics that in the grander scheme of things don’t make a difference if you haven’t got the core primary values that you fundamentally need.

More importantly, after you’ve worked out what you’d like your values to be or what you believe they actually are, it’s time to ask – are you living your life congruently with your values? Do your actions, life, and choices reflect who you believe you are and if not, what are you going to do to align them?

Let me know how you get on with the worksheet. Check out the library for other free worksheets and guides.

Here’s some handy posts on values from over at Baggage Reclaim if you want some more food for thought and insight into values:

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But we have so much in common! That shaky ‘ole common ground in relationships.

2 Responses to ‘What Are My Values?’ Worksheet Now Available To Download

  1. tired_of_assanova says:

    Values worksheet is great and simple to use. I found it helpful to write out the opposites of the values and then ask myself ‘if they did [opposite value] would I be willing to put up with that?’

    So for example – honesty. The opposite of that is dishonesty and lies (the absence of honesty). That’s totally NOT OK with me, thus I know that Honesty is a really important one.

  2. tired_of_assanova says:

    One other thing – once the opposites are written out, you can grade them according to a risk matrix (viz. google images).

    So if the value is Truth, the opposite is Lies, if someone lied to me that would be Severe Impact for me, whereas if someone was exciting the opposite is dull, that’s a medium/low impact and probably not a huge dealbreaker.

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